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Recommended Reading

"Be careful what books you read,
for as water tastes of the soil it runs through,
so does the soul taste of the authors that a man reads."
- John Trapp (1601-1609)

Throughout the long history of the Church, the writing and reading of books, treatises, or pamphlets has been integral to the growth of God's people. Christians are first and foremost "people of The Book" and that has in turn made us people who often read good books.

Nevertheless, it matters what we read. In our limited time and busy schedules, we need to select books that will profit our souls the most. Dear Christian, Take up and Read!


Doctrine of God

Doctrine of Scripture

Doctrine of Humanity

Doctrine of Sin

Person & Work of Christ

The Gospel

Christian Identity

Assurance of Salvation

Gospel Sanctification

Biblical Counseling