Join us this Sunday @ 10:30am for Worship! We also offer Sunday School @ 9:15am (all ages), Sunday Evening Study @ 6:00pm, and Thursday Night Discusion @6:00pm.


In the realm of spiritual nourishment, the journey of faith often parallels the experience of a delicious, well-rounded meal. Just as a nutritious meal comprises multiple courses to satisfy our physical hunger, the spiritual growth and education within a church community can be likened to a "Four Course Meal." Rooted in Reformed Theology, this holistic approach to church education includes Midweek Study, Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, and Sunday Evening Bible Study. Each course plays a vital role in nurturing the faith and knowledge of congregants, fostering a deeper connection to God and His Word

Course 1: Midweek Study
Appetizer: Growing in Life Application

Purpose: Midweek Study serves as the appetizer of our spiritual feast, setting the stage for application of the gospel in our lives. This informal gathering takes place on Thursday evening’s and provides a space for believers to come together in fellowship, discussion, and gospel-centered counsel.

Time: Thursday Evening's at 6:00


Course 2: Sunday School
Soup and Salad: Growing in Knowledge

Purpose: Sunday School is the nourishing "soup and salad" course of our spiritual meal. It offers congregants an opportunity to delve into Scripture more deeply, through age-appropriate classes. Sunday School not only equips attendees with knowledge but also cultivates a sense of community within the church. Sunday School classes explore theological concepts, church history, and the practical implications of Reformed beliefs, helping attendees grow in their faith and commitment to these foundational doctrines.

Time: Sunday Mornings at 9:15


Course 3: Sunday Morning Worship
Main Course: Growing in Worship

Purpose: Sunday Morning Worship is the main course of our spiritual feast. It is a time when the entire congregation comes together to worship, pray, and listen to the preaching of God's Word. This central gathering serves as a source of spiritual sustenance and inspiration. The preaching of the Word holds a prominent place. The Sunday Morning Worship service, with its expository preaching and celebration of the Lord's Supper, emphasizes the sovereignty of God and the primacy of His Word in the life of the believer. It is a time for God's people to reflect on their utter dependence on Him and His grace.

Time: Sunday Mornings at 10:30


Course 4: Sunday Evening Bible Study
Dessert: Growing in Depth and Width

Purpose: Sunday Evening Bible Study is the sweet conclusion to our spiritual meal, offering a chance for deeper engagement with the Word of God. It is often a smaller, more intimate gathering where participants can dig deeper into the Word, discuss its practical implications, and grow in their faith. This course complements the morning worship service by fostering a more interactive, participatory approach to understanding and applying the Word of God.

Time: Sunday Evening's at 6:00



The Four Course Meal of Church Education, deeply rooted in Reformed Theology, is a comprehensive approach to nurturing the faith and knowledge of congregants. Just as a well-balanced meal satisfies both physical hunger and nutritional needs, these four courses combine to fulfill the spiritual yearnings and educational requirements of believers. Through Midweek Study, Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, and Sunday Evening Bible Study, individuals can experience a holistic spiritual education that leads to a deeper relationship with God and a more profound understanding of His Word.