We will have worship at the church (we wear masks) and stream the service online as well. Gather at 10:30am on our Facebook page (click here) or on the website (click here). 

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Birds & Bees Conference

September 15, 2019

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Coordinator: Emily Baker

Parents & Grandparents

You are invited to join Grace Church for an amazing event!
Birds & Bees is a conference that will take you from “overwhelmed” to “confident” as you get ready for many years of answering questions about human sexuality. And the goal is to keep them coming to YOU with those questions! Birds & Bees' target audience is parents of 2-8 year olds but honestly parents of 8-18 years olds benefit greatly as well. It’s a one-hour video: the presenters are funny, honest, intelligent, brave and passionate. We will spend another hour in discussion. Its FREE + onsite childcare is provided if reserved in advance. Grace Church is located on 12th street: 1220 S. Blakely

admin@gracestillwater.com for childcare or more information. Or to know more about this presentation, visit birds-bees.com or contact Shari (& Shane) Hatfield 918-576-4941 or
Emily Baker 405-888-6267 (they will be leading Q&A)

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