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Women of Grace

Women of Grace

The purpose of Grace Women’s Ministry is to equip women to know God personally, think biblically and to live with a covenant consciousness: a way of thinking that begins with the assembly rather than the individual.

Our goal is that this purpose will become a reality as women are given opportunities to respond to the gospel and to pray, study the scriptures, fellowship and serve the Lord together. We recognize that not every woman will participate in the women’s ministry but our desire is that all women would be served and encouraged to be the person that God uniquely created her to be.

Our vision is for each woman to truly come to understand personally God's grace and the freedom that it brings to be the unique individual that each woman was created to be, with a unique set of gifts and talents that only she can contribute. That we, as sisters in Christ, would learn to see through His eyes and hear with His ears and work together in such a way that sets us apart so that only He can receive the glory and honor. That through God's direction and leading we will move to where He is working and wants us to be rather than where we think we should be working and He should be.

The current list of committees are Spiritual Growth, Compassionate Care, Covenant Showers and Special Events.

In all of our planning of events, activities and projects we strive to ask these questions:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • How will this glorify God by reflecting His character?
  • What is this teaching women about the biblical perspective of womanhood?
  • What is this teaching women about living covenantally and reflecting grace to one another?
  • Do our activities or tasks flow from scripture?
  • How will this build community among the women?
  • How will it build community with other members, age groups, and ministries of the church, presbytery and denomination?
  • How does this advance God's kingdom in the world?
  • How does this demonstrate the compassion of Jesus?
  • What characteristic of the covenant does this express?
  • How are we showing our answers to the above questions to participants in the ministry?

Fall Ladies' Tuesday Bible Studies (Begin Sept. 5th)

Tuesday Mornings (9:30 - 11am)--
a year long study on the Gospel of Mark. 

We will meet at the home of Marcia Karns, 9:30 - 11am.
If you'd like, come 15 minutes earlier to visit and get a beverage.
Bring yourself and a Bible and invite a friend if you'd like. At our first meeting, we will pass out resources and other helps and tips on our study.  Childcare is provided.

Tuesday Evenings (7 - 8:30pm)--
"Believing is Seeing -- a Bible study about Bible study"

We will meet at Shelly Cameron's home - 43 Yellow Brick Dr.

from Sylvia:  "As a follow up on Ryan's series about the Disciplines of Grace, we will do a Bible study on Bible study and have a time of prayer. We will tie ourselves to the train track until we get run over by and swept up in Grace!  Any women, college age and up are invited; I will provide handouts." (405) 334-6036.  No childcare provided.



Ladies' Night Out

Grace Women's Night, Fri., Sep. 15th, 6:30-8:30pm, Art on 6th (just across the street from Westwood Elementary).  Ladies need to RSVP by Sep. 1 via text to Abby Grantham.  Seating is limited!  Please bring your own food and beverage of choice!