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Grace Presbyterian Church’s Ministry to Children and Families

Sunday School • Nursery • KidsChurch • Special Events

GraceKids is dedicated to serving families through caring for little ones and teaching them Biblical truths.  On Sunday mornings year round, there is a GraceKids Nursery for infants through age four. Parents/Guardians stop at the "Grace Kids" cart to meet a member of our team, check-in, and get details.  GraceKids Church is offered to children during the sermon portion of our service.  See more below. And we always have something special going on...

Fall 2017 News!

Sunday, September 3rd is Labor Day weekend and there will be NO GraceKids Church.  There will be activity pages available for children to color while sitting in church that day.

Sunday, September 10th is our Fall Kick-off to Sunday School and new Gospel Project curriculum!  As always, Sunday school is available for all ages: 9:30-10:15.  The teachers pack a bunch of fun & learning into 45 minutes, so please arrive on time.

GraceLittles:  Children age 3 and under will be in the nursery with Tina Shideler and Marsha Blew. (Rm 201 - same as always)
**GraceKids:  Children age 4 through 2nd Grade will be in the new GraceKids room with Emily Baker, Kate Smith and Christiane Boles. (Rm 203 - down the hall & across from Nursery)
GraceBigKids: Children in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will be in the Library with Emily McConnell and Shari Hatfield. (Library)
GraceYouth: Students 6th-12th grade will be with Stephen Smalley and Brent Niles. (Rm 302 - same Youth room as last year)

**GraceKids Church is the time GraceKids age 4 through 2nd grade are invited back into their classroom during the Sermon.  This is optional - every family can do what is best for their family while also maintaining a quiet environment for the sermon.  During GraceKids church, they will be doing the same lesson that all the other Sunday school classes did during the SS hour - Gospel Project.  Our rotating teachers (couples) for GraceKids Church this school year are: Karns, Whites, Reeves, Niles, Grimes and Granthams!

**That particular age group (GraceKids) memorizes scripture during their Sunday school class.  The GraceBigKids spend the last 15 minutes with GraceKids getting to learn the verse as well - after they have had their Gospel Project Lesson.

ShoutOut Sunday is the last Sunday of each month when the GraceKids & GraceBigKids who have memorized the month’s scripture can recite it before the whole congregation.  This is sometimes a “Sing Out” during Advent and other times.  It’s very special time in class too with prizes and singing old VBS songs - we hope your kids will join us!

We will have two Shout Out Sundays in September!  We want the children who were involved with the Catechism memorization this summer to get to recite some of their Q’s and A’s.  Jessica will be contacting the parents of those children to let them know which Questions to be prepared to answer… on Sunday September 10th - Fall Kick off day!

We have Karnsival on October 29th and other special events coming up this Fall/Winter.  Karnsival (Carnival at the Karns’ big back yard!) is a great place to invite your friends who may not want to visit church with you, but would love to be with our community enjoying fellowship, food and fun!

Family Devotional Times: The leadership of Grace strongly encourages every family to try to find some time during the week to discuss the truths of scripture.  These Devotional times will look differently for each family. They will often “feel" like a failure to parents, so we want to encourage and equip you as much as possible.  We have some great resources in the church library, the Bakers have been preparing for a future church library and have several books to share, plus Jessica Perteet shared many good resources this summer with the catechism parents and is happy to share her ideas.  Julie Lowe, a CCEF family counselor recently said these two things in discussing family devotions: “It’s easier to deal with the tyranny of the urgent rather than the eternal. To move beyond the day's activity and the crazy schedule toward that which is long-lasting"…(it will be hard but worthwhile).  And  "Any theology that you can’t explain to a six-year-old is something you probably don’t understand well enough yourself.  That is a helpful barometer, so I try to make sure what I talk about with my kids is really clear to me first.” (don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know, let’s explore and find some answers.)

GraceYouth Group (9th-12th) Sundays (6:30-8pm) at the Reeves's, led by Aaron Reeves

GraceYouth678 Group (6th-8th) Sundays (6:30-8pm) at the Liu's, led by Tim & Cameron Wehe



During the sermon portion of our worship service, children ages 4-3rd grade (or somewhere near that) are dismissed for KidsChurch. (Of course, children are always welcome to stay for the whole service.)  We dismiss during our greeting time, so a parent takes them to class and signs them in. They are returned to the service after the sermon concludes to participate in communion with their church family. 

GraceKids Volunteers are loving and protective care-givers for our children! All members of Grace are asked to participate in this ministry after being certified through an online class called “Ministry Safe.” We are a big family at Grace – a small church but not a weak system. Grace Church plants seeds of truth in these young hearts in a safe and fun environment!


We’re Moving Soon… Grace Presbyterian Church won’t always meet in Westwood Elementary School. Our building is projected to be ready before the end of this year. (Blakely and 12th Street!) So, as you clean out unwanted/gently used items or find bargains while out shopping - please consider donating them to our future GraceNursery, GraceKids or GraceYouth rooms. For more information, contact Emily Baker at

Shoutout Sundays!

In GraceKids Sunday School, we spend a month at a time memorizing and learning about large portions of scripture!  The last Sunday of every month is called SHOUTOUT SUNDAY! It’s an opportunity for the students to recite that month’s memory verse, sing some fun songs, and get prizes! Parents are encouraged to learn, teach, memorize, and help at home throughout each week. You’ll be amazed to hear your child recite God’s word! Parents are also welcome in ShoutOut if you don’t mind getting a little wild with GraceKids!


Contact GraceKids Director:
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