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Building Project

Building Project

Grace Presbyterian Church is in the process of building a permanent home in Stillwater, and we are very excited about this next phase in the life of our church! This page explains some of the history of this project, our current plans and status, and how God has orchestrated events to make it happen in His perfect timing.


In 2008, while considering options for a permanent church home, the Session at Grace Presbyterian Church was contacted by a developer who desired to have a church built in a new addition he was constructing that contained both houses and businesses. Grace's vision has always involved being well connected to the community, and the Session felt this land was ideal for that purpose. We also wanted to serve those in need in our community, and this land is near some of the poorest areas in town. The land is also along a major east-west street where visibility is optimal. The congregation supported the leadership, and after a fund raising campaign, the property was purchased free and clear with monies graciously provided.

In 2010, we hired an architect, and plans were drawn up for a permanent home. We launched another fund raising campaign, but, unfortunately, it was clear the resources were just not available to allow us to responsibly begin construction. We began to diligently look for other options, but none became available that would fit our ministry needs and budget.

What Has Changed?

In 2015, a contractor, who has built several steel buildings in the area, came to us (we believe providentially) with a proposal based on our original two-phase plans. This proposal dramatically reduced the construction costs, and this same contractor is generously gifting the vast majority of his services, charging only a nominal fee to see us in a permanent home. Additionally, one of our members came forward and provided a very generous matching gift. After another fund raising campaign, we have now raised enough money to allow us to build and responsibly service a mortgage. We believe God has continued to orchestrate these events as a civil engineer and interior designer have both graciously donated their services to this project. 

Kickoff of the 2015 Building Campaign with a service on our land


In our first building campaign in 2008, we were able to raise enough money to purchase approximately two acres of land, debt free, at 12th Street and Blakely Ave. The land is within the Coppercreek neighborhood and adjacent to the new Stillwater Medical Center facilities. Below is a map showing the location of the proposed building.

Current Plans


The current, phase 1 floorplan calls for an approximately 9000 sq ft. facility including a 200 seating capacity sanctuary/fellowship hall, 7 classrooms, 1 classroom/cry room, a kitchen, 3 offices, a library, and restrooms (click the image below for a larger view).

Status Update (11/26/2015)

In the last 60 days, several important milestones have been reached in the project:

  1. Closed on the building loan with the bank.
  2. Received rezoning approval from the City of Stillwater
  3. Completed site plan and applied for building permits
  4. Ordered the first part of the steel for the building

Status Update (03/27/2016)

The steel is here!


Status Update (04/20/2017)

The plumbing is in the ground.


Status Update (05/25/2017)

The foundation is poured.


Status Update (07/04/2017)


How Can You Help?

First of all, we would ask you to continue to pray for us during this project. Pray for unity for our members, and pray that God would continue to use Grace as a means of declaring His great Gospel to bring those in our community to Himself, expand His kingdom, and glorify His name. Secondly, if you have an interest in helping us in funding this project, any gift would be greatly appreciated. But, please understand that in no way would we want your gift to be redirected from commitments you have made to your home church or other ministries. We are resting in knowing that God will provide, and as our building campaign proclaims, "Soli Deo Gloria!"

If you would like to contribute, there are a couple of ways to do that:

  1. Download a pledge card and mail to:

    Grace Presbyterian Church
    P.O. Box 365
    Stillwater, OK 74076

  2. Or, make a one-time or recurring donation electronically through PayPal.